Bid: $390,896.23

This number reflects several precautions taken by the contractor. A few things to consider as you pray with us:

  • J&L Development is the team we are using. Its owner Jesse does projects for churches almost exclusively. He’s been doing these projects for over 30 years, and has never had a project that exceeded his bid.
  • J & L bids projects by getting multiple quotes for each aspect (electrical, concrete, etc.). He selects the sub-contractor based on their cost and track record.
  • Jesse expects us to realize savings in several parts of the project. He also adds a 10% contingency allowance, which for our project is $36,000. This is a safe guard in the event of an unknown problem (buried toxic materials, etc.). Because of the simplicity of our project, he is optimistic that little of this allowance will be needed.
  • We learned that bid prices have decreased dramatically. While we have been frustrated with the slow pace on this project, it would have cost us at least twice as much a year ago.
  • We may be able to save some expenses in materials, labor, and time by closing down the parking lot during construction. Start to finish, the project should take 2-3 months.