Calling Sparks and T&T kids! Start your engines!

We are excited to see our clubbers' car creations in our annual pine car derby on Wednesday, March 27th.

There will be no Cubbies that night, but they are welcome to come watch the big kids race!

Check out all the details below!

Arrival/Check In

  • Check-in will start at 6:00 p.m. Please head to the Friendship Corner (follow the signs) to check in your car(s)!
  • All cars must be checked for size and weight requirements; size requirements are listed on the paper that came with the car and weight should be 5 oz or less.
  • If you need to adjust your car's weight or need a last-minute fix, we will have a fix-it station set up to assist!
Car Specs
  • Lubricants can be used sparingly (too much causes the track to get dirty).
  • Racers must use wheels that came with the car. These can't be cut down at all, but if there is excess black plastic from the mold on the wheels, that can be sanded off.
  • Axles may be polished.
Car Numbering
  • Upon check-in, each car will be assigned a number and a small sticker will be added to the car.

Design Judging

  • Once we have all the cars checked in, design judging will start! We will hand out separate awards for Sparks and T&T.
  • We will also take this time to give kids a chance to talk about their car designs.
  • Each car will get 4 races each. The race and lane assignments are completely random.
  • Each car will have all 4 times averaged to determine the top average times and those will receive speed awards.